We are capable to machining different geometries and dimensions with high precision at short intervals thanks to our wide machinery asset offering variant capabilities and capacities. We make compelling and complex machining operations happen by means of our team with solid experience and with our rich machinery.

In need of a mould, we design and make it in house. When it comes to machining a complex part then we make our workholder, fixtures by ourselves. By eliminating a procurement process in this way, we both secure the quality and ensure the short-time delivery.

For both long profiles and non-long parts STEP files are converted to machining programs via CAD/CAM softwares and then sent directly to the machine.

9 Long Profile CNC Machining Center

  • Custom design for up to 9 meters long profiles 

8 Vertical CNC Machining Center

  • machining centers with 3 and 4 axis for non-long products. 


  • One CNC and one manual lathe used to manufacture prototypes upon serial manufacturing. 

Mould Making Machines

  • Utilizing our 3 different wire errosion machines we make our own moulds precisely. Elimination of both procurement process and possible quality issues shorten our delivery period.

Eccentric Presses

  • 30-300 tons capacity 8 adet eccentric presses.

Sawing Machine

  • We can cut virtually any shape any size with our 8 different sawing machines, one is CNC programmable and 5 axis sawing capable. 

Other Machines and Utilities

  • Universal Mill, Surface Grinder, Planning Machine, Drills, Deburrer and others support continuous manufacturing. 

  • CNC Machining,
  • Turning,
  • Milling,
  • Sawing,
  • Drilling,
  • Tapping,
  • Reaming,
  • Deburring,
  • Brushing,
  • Assemly,
  • Anodizing,
  • Coloring...

Experienced Gürsoy Team is capable of machining 1.200 tons of aluminium monthly, depending on the part design and size, by utilizing enriched machinery asset.

When it is aluminium we machine virtually any design, make the surface treatment and deliver it as final or semi-final product.