Gürsoy Alüminyum machines the parts made of aluminium to manufacture finished and semi-finished products virtually for any application. Mainly and currently we machine aluminium parts for the industries of white goods, machinery, automotive, aviation, defence and furniture and also for architectural and decorative applications. We have been machining the aluminium, your own design or we design it for you, at high quality and delivering it on time on your side. Machinery construction components, frames with variant colors for light switches and sockects, components of white goods and their accesories, elements with tight tolerances for automotive and aviation industries, parts for furniture making.

Some examples of products we manufacture continually;

Components for machine building and construction industry
Manufacturing parts with narrow tolerances for our customers in automotive, aerospace and defense industry
Aluminium components for white goods, kitchen utensils and small hand tools
Aluminium elements for furniture elements and accessories
Anodized, bare/colored frames for electrical switches and plugs to be used in lighting industry
The milling industry's need for waltz covers, scraper knife holders, saucer casings and square sieves